Brad McQuaid’s Secret MMO Named

At the beginning of November last year ex Vanguard and EverQuest designer, Brad McQuaid, took to Twitter to tease fans about an upcoming high fantasy MMO that would be hitting Kickstarter in the near future. He originally stated that he hoped to launch the Kickstarter late November but we’ve yet to hear anything more on the fundraising front.

Things appeared to go quiet until December 31st when Brad released a teaser image featuring Oranthel, God-King of Skyfen and today fans were treated to another tidbit of information, the games official title.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen has been confirmed as the title of Brad’s secret MMO with heavy ties to mechanics and features from EverQuest and Vanguard. The long silence followed by two rather big announcements in such a short time window could mean we’re close to hearing about the launch of the Kickstarter project so watch this space!


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