Bungie Continue To Defy Destiny’s MMO Label

Despite the award-winning developers
stating, on numerous occasions, that Destiny is not an MMO, some of
the wider gaming community continue to label it so. More information
has surfaced to give additional credit to Destiny’s claims with the
exclusion of trading between players in the highly anticipated
MMO-esque FPS shooter.

In a new questions and answers styled
post on EuroGamer, the developers offered additional insight in to
some of their more surprising choices:

with your enemies. Trade your Ammo for their loot…As for swapping
irons in the Tower? Nope.”

should be able to tell a badass story for every sweet jewel in your

However, they did state that trading
between the same account will be supported. So you’ll be free to
switch up your most epic discoveries among all your characters.

The post also reveals some information
on other elements of Destiny. Players will not be able to fast-travel
between locations without first returning to orbit, Clan’s will be
capped at a 100 member limit, and there are not currently any plans
for new classes.

For more information, check out the
link below.

Source: EuroGamer

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