Bungie.net says its official goodbyes to Halo

Last summer, Bungie and 343 Industries had begun a transition process for all of the Halo data. All of the live Halo data will be managed by 343 Industries and Bungie will no longer be able to update game stats and player service records. The official day for the transition to be completed was March 31st. Bungie officially had said its good byes to the Halo franchise.

On March 31st, Bungie and 343 Industries had completed their final transition stage of all of the Halo data that has been collected over the years. The data now is being kept and managed by 343 Industries, which is a division within Microsoft that oversees the development of Halo.

All future Halo support and any replacement functionality will be provided by Microsoft and 343 Industries by means of Halo Waypoint at http://halo.xbox.com.

Bungie will preserve all existing historical Halo data on Bungie.net for as long as Bungie?s data storage systems and the Internet remain functional.

Bungie wanted to thank all of those who made the Halo-era version of Bungie a success. They mentioned that the fans ?[completed] us?.

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