Carble Cheung Is New Creative Lead For Defiance

Trion Worlds today revealed that the now previous Creative Lead of Defiance, Trick Dempsey, will be moving to another role in the company and Carble Cheung will now be taking his place at the forefront of the Defiance charge. Cheung has been with the company since 2013 and has spent the entire time on the Defiance team, taking credit for working on some of the best in-game encounters thus far.

The team are also celebrating the release of the recent Alcatraz that introduced exciting new content in the form of Expeditions.

[quote cite=”Trion Worlds”]These are by far the crown jewels of the upper-tier chase you’ve been asking for. With Expeditions, the challenge is real – as are the rewards – and we look forward to their initial release along with the many new Expeditions planned to launch in the near future.[/quote]

Looking to the future the team mentioned updates to sieges and arkfalls with a brand new enemy type also in the works.

Source: Press Release

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