Catwoman Joins Cast In Infinite Crisis

Today Turbine and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announce the latest champion to join Infinite Crisis.  Catwoman will join their MOBA Game on September 30th and adds an additional damage dealer to the roster with martial arts skills.

Former pickpocket turned master chief, Catwoman gave up a career a crime to exact ferocious justice.  Catwoman uses utility and mobility to terrorize her prey.  Her skills include Cat Burglar which reduces the cooldown of active skills whenever a coin is collected, and causes her attacks to spawn bonus coins.  Whip Strike is considered her basic attack, it deals attack damage and as enemies are further from the whip, they suffer additional damage.  Cat’s Paw pulls the enemies legs out from under them which deals damage and reduces the opponents move speed.  Acrobat is a skill used to chase or escape an enemy, it also adds additional damage to Whipstrike and adds a knockdown ability to Cat’s Paw.  Her Ultimate is Bad Kitty, which adds bleed to basic attacks and skills.  Her ultimate also reduces the cost of Acrobat and adds additional damage all around.

To learn more about Infinite Crisis or to actually play the game.  

Infinite Crisis Champion Profile | Catwoman

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