Celebrate Mardi Gras in Fantage

Fantage Mardi Gras
Valentine?s Day is over, but that doesn?t mean there?s nothing to celebrate! Players of free-to-play, browser-based MMO Fantage will find plenty to do over the next few days, as the game has just added Mardi Gras activities in accordance with the real life event in New Orleans. The event runs from February 17 to February 22?plenty of time to experience everything Fantage Mardi Gras has to offer.

Here?s a quick rundown on what you?ll find in the Great Fantage Masquerade Festival, thanks to the official press release:

  • Environments Fit for a King:  Fantage gets decked out with masquerade masks, costumes and multi-color banners for the occasion.
  • Masquerade Parade: Several floats move through Carnival every 15 minutes. Players can click on various parts of the floats to earn stars.
  • Guess Who?: Non-playable characters (NPC) take cover under limited-edition costumes while players are tasked with stringing together clues to unveil the NPCs? true identity.
  • Royal Rendezvous: Players can speak to the king and queen of the Masquerade to gain a special, but temporary costume. A new costume is featured every day of the event, so users are encouraged to bid hello to their majesties daily.
  • Confetti Cannon: Players can click on the confetti launcher to release a colorful effect for a truly magnificent masquerade atmosphere.

Fantage has an astounding 16 million users and is directed at the teen/tween demographics. It?s one of the leading virtual world MMOs on the market, featuring colorful characters and enough in-game purchases to make an oil baron blush. Still, it?s a fun time.

Are you planning to participate in any Fantage Masquerade events?

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