Character Creation Video For Elder Scrolls Online

There’s not been a shortage of leaked footage for The Elder Scrolls Online but we’ve finally got a character creation video that won’t get removed from the internet. The latest installment to the award-winning RPG franchise is one of the most anticipated MMORPG games of 2014 and we’ve finally got some time with the character creation system.

In the video Jared Carr, Art Director, walks players through the basics of making their own character before they prepare to explore the never ending possibilities of Tamriel. Outside of the variety and impressive graphics the character creation tool doesn’t really break the boundaries of MMO gaming. Most of the options, such as the ability to change facial features and body mass, have been seen before however this is definitely among the more impressive creation features in MMO’s today.

Check out the full video below. Have you chosen your race or gender yet? Any ideas what appearance you’ll go for now that you can see the options? Leave a comment debating Elder Scrolls Online below.

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