Christmas Eve In The MMO World

Christmas is in full swing but if you find yourself struggling for entertainment this festive season we’ve comprised a list of the most exciting Christmas events in the biggest MMO’s of today. Check back tomorrow for some more exciting Christmas day events.

Swords & Spells

Swords & Spells players have been treated to a new and exciting series of quests that gives players the opportunity to obtain a Christmas item set and a powerful selection of items for logging in everyday – including diamonds, gold and healing potions.

Lineage II

If you’re a regular visitor to the world of Aden, I hope you’ve behaved this year as Santa is making an appearance. The Wintermelon Wonderland is now live in-game and will run through until January 8th. Players are tasked with collecting some rare Nectar in exchange for Wintermelons filled to the brim with exciting goodies.

The Secret World

The now subscription-free MMO is introducing a brand new Christmas event dubbed A Mother of a Season, running through until January 2nd. The fan-favorite End of Days also makes a comeback with a few tweaks and improvements. Check out The Secret World for a full lowdown of the special rewards and exciting challenges that await.

World Of Warcraft

The most famous of all worlds in the MMO realm welcomes back the Winter Veil event as the world of Azeroth joins together to share their stories of the past year. Send your letter off to the Greatfather and if you’ve been good, maybe you’ll get what you asked for.

Dragon Nest

The Wintertide Festival makes an appearance in the world of Altera this month as Dragon Nest players exchange gifts and spread the festive joy of the holiday season.

Blacklight Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution makes a return to the festive period with the introduction of an exciting Christmas event that gives the competitive community the chance to snag a variety of exciting goodies.

Perfect World International

The kings of the Christmas event return with a plethora of exciting events and rewards for players of Perfect World International. Double experience points events, an exciting variety of in-game activities and some deadly snowmen all make an appearance this festive season in PWI.

EverQuest & EverQuest II

Norrath celebrations of Frostfeel are well under way as Santa Glug and his helpers bring a variety of exciting gifts and holiday crafts to the worlds of EverQuest and EverQuest II. The event ends December 25th so don’t miss out.

Don’t forget to leave your milk and cookies out for Santa and the reindeer. Check back tomorrow for more exciting festive events, Merry Christmas!

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