Chroma Joins The Cast Of Warframe In Latest Sanctuary Update

Digital Extremes today released the first large-scale update of the year for the critically acclaimed Warframe with expanded PvP options, a brand new game mode, the debut of a new Warframe and exciting changes to various in-game features. The update, titled Sanctuary, provides players with exciting new gameplay to explore, powerful new weapons to unlock and Chroma, a powerful new Warframe that can manipulate combat roles through the morphing of colors.

Chroma’s more noteworthy abilities have been highlighted in the latest Warframe showcase video, highlighting the new Warframe’s strongest abilities and best uses in combat.

Warframe Profile | Chroma

Sanctuary also introduces a new game mode that allows squads of 8 Tenno to team together for the first time, taking on a variety of difficult Mission Challenges. Tenno throughout the galaxy will also be receiving some much needed reinforcements with the introduction of new weapons such as the KOHMAK and RIPKAS, a powerful hand-shotgun and deadly set of motorized fists.

PC players can download the Sanctuary update for Warframe today while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will get access to the new content in coming weeks.

Source: Press Release

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