City Of Titans Enjoys Hugely Successful Start On Kickstarter

When NCSoft announced the closure of the popular superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes, the communities response was overwhelming. Thousands took to the forums to express their disappointment and even more sent in emails, special gifts and pleas to the Paragon Studios head office. NCSoft’s response wasn’t the one players were hoping for but a few months later a shining ray of light illuminated the otherwise pitch black future of City of Heroes.

Missing Worlds Media, a virtual studio consisting purely of volunteers, announced their plans to give City of Heroes fans a new home with The Phoenix Project. Now under the new name City of Titans, Missing Worlds Media launched their Kickstarter campaign earlier this week, October 2nd.

In a little over 48 hours the City of Heroes community has come to their aid as the current $320,000 goal is well within reach as the game currently boasts $207,000 worth of support.

To pledge your support to the spiritual successor of City of Heroes, visit the City of Titans Kickstarter page. There’s also a ton of information regarding stretch goals and planned features, so check it out!

Any community that can put this together has my vote:

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