Co-op Shooter Hazard Ops Enters Closed Beta

Infernum today announced the beginning of the closed beta event for the third-person shooter, Hazard Ops. The content in the first phase of testing will mainly focus on a variety of PvE missions that will see players needing to cooperate to complete different scenarios on varying difficulty settings but it won’t be easy. Mutant explosive dogs, armored zombies and more deadly traps than you can count will block your path.

Celebrating the closed beta is the release of an incredible new video “28 Ways to Die”, which gives potential players a rough idea of the ridiculous amount of dangers that await in Hazard Ops. PvE isn’t the only mode available in Hazard Ops as closed beta players will also get to experience the “Play Hard, Die Hard” PvP experience with Team Deathmatch mode; more PvP content is planned for future updates.

Those interested in joining the closed beta battle can still register on the official website accompanied by a number of exclusive founder packs. Even if shooters aren’t your thing, you have to check out the trailer below. Death by dinosaur, giant meat grinder, Indiana Jones boulders and zombies – what more can you ask for?

Source: Press Release

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