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I’m probably not the best person to discuss comedy in anything as my sense of humor is about as dead as the roadkill on the I 95. However, I’m still a gamer and comedy is quite often an ingredient that is overlooked with modern MMO development. Is there a legitimate reason or are developers afraid to tread new ground?

From my personal experience in gaming comedy, I’ve found the formula becomes dry and stale after a very short time. Especially in games that revolve around repetitive activities and actions. How funny can dialogue be when you’re handing in the same daily quest several times a day?

Even as a younger gamer, before my sense of humor was replaced with a cynical approach to life due to the horrid nature of absolutely everything, very few games offered a humor level that was entertaining past the initial exposure. My first few memories of comedy in games involved throwing yellow colored snowballs in South Park. Urinating on snow and throwing it at people? What more could a young lad ask for?

However, it becomes boring after a few attempts and I feel the same with many humor based games today. Console and offline games are a little different as most offer a single play through. MMO games on the other hand encourage players to play for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of hours.

I’ve played so many MMO games I’ve lost count but I cannot actually recall any that had a heavy approach to humor. Do you know of any humorous MMO games that actually have worthwhile mechanics and features? How do you feel about comedy in MMO games? Is there a place for it? Leave a comment below.

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