Community Vie To See Return Of Original Darkfall Online

Typically a community is excited to explore a vastly “improved” re-release of their current MMO of choice but that’s not how the community of Darkfall Online feels as they’ve banded together with the hopes of seeing the game restored to past versions. Currently operating under a different title, Darkfall: Unholy Wars was the result of several months of improvements, changes and content adjustments aimed at providing players with a better experience, a more polished technical backdrop and a more robust list of features.

A new post recently appeared on the Darkfall Online Reddit, asking the community to give feedback on the potential idea of seeing past versions restored via an online poll. It’s not an official campaign but it will be used to asset interest in such a project and if it garners enough support, it will be taken to the management team behind Darkfall: Unholy Wars. They are currently seeking 5,000 individual supporters with the current tally sitting around 500 signatures.

[quote cite=”Axilmar, Campaign Creator “]This an informal poll of mine, not a company one, since the last few days I’ve read many posts that say ‘bring back DFO’. So, I’d like to see if there is actually any real interest in bringing back DFO. If there is, i.e. if there are many upvotes, let’s say over 5000, so as that one can support this as a business proposal, I will ask my managers to check this out. So, if you want DFO back, upvote. Tell it to your clan mates, your DFO-interested friends, everyone that you think is interested in bringing back the game. [/quote]

For more information you can check out the Reddit post below or pledge your support on the GoPetition website.

Source: Reddit

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