Fight Your Way To Arena Stardom In Conquer Online

The PvP centric action MMORPG, Conquer Online, finally receives the highly requested Arena update today as NetDragon Websoft announce the immediate availability across all regional servers. Conquer Online is loved for it’s complete approach to PvP and other combat-centered features. Boasting a skill to win approach over that of the infamous pay- to-win MMO, Conquer Online features 8 playable classes each with a martial arts and oriental twist. It has managed to attract over 40 million registered players since it first launched and it shows no signs of slowing.

The brand new match mode, Champion’s Arena, is another PvP-based mode that allows players to engage in intense PvP against players from around the globe. Following the skill-to-win system seen throughout the game players will have to access the best of their PvP arsenal to emerge victorious. The new mode places heavy restrictions on gear and player stats to ensure that every fight is as balanced as possible, minimizing the chance to get destroyed by a far stronger opponent. Skill and strategy will reign supreme in this arena, not stats and gear.

Every battle is 1 on 1 as both fighters battle to earn points for their performance. The more points earned in battle, the greater the rewards and the increase in rank. As you defeat more opponents you’ll be placed into the next tier of arena combat and challenged by more advanced players.

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