Conquer Online Brings Out The Flags!

Conquer Online is a F2P MMORPG with worldwide popularity, bringing in a large community from every corner of the world. As such, tt has just launched a new way to customize your character, which of course is by proudly showing off your flag! It should be a very fun function for this PvP-based MMO, since players can more easily find friends from their homeland and fight for the honor of their country!

The flag emblem feature is simple. Every player can choose their preferred emblem from the Status panel! Of course, if they don’t want to reveal their nationality, they can just choose the universal “Conquer” emblem.

Conquer Online offers over 14 different types of PVP events, such as the Guild War, Clan War, Elite PVP Tournament, and much more. As the new emblem feature comes available, the TQ team has also announced that there will be some exciting events based on player locations coming in the future. Could it be a new world war on the horizon? Only time will tell!

Conquer Online – Flag Emblems: Declare Your Heritage With Pride!