Conquer Online Getting Hardcore PVP Additions

Free-to-play MMO Conquer Online recently received a major content update, but its developers are apparently far from done with adding new features to the game. NetDragon, the company behind Conquer Online, recently issued a press release detailing new additions to the game.

The new content focuses entirely on the new Gale Shallow zone, which is dedicated to player vs. player combat. Here?s a quick rundown on what to expect:

  • No PK points received for kills in Gale Shallow
  • Triple chance of looting enemy armor
  • Powerful mobs offering dragon souls to truly elite player
  • No combat rules or restrictions

Conquer Online has been going strong since its release in 2003, and is widely known as one of the first free MMOs ever created. These PVP additions help solidify Conquer Online?s reputation for continually listening to its player community, and its commitment to bringing new content at regular intervals.

You can learn more about Conquer Online by visiting its official website: Conquer Online

Source: Massively

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