Conquer Online Comes to iPad

Conquer Online, perhaps one of the first free MMOPRG games online, is headed directly to your iPad. And the best part? It?s free! What more could you want from your incredibly expensive tablet device that you totally bought ?for work?”

Conquer Online boasts six classes, 38 skills, a level cap of 140 and all of the other trappings you?ve come to expect from the best MMORPGs in the business. The game claims players in 100 separate countries and is quickly rising to prominence late in its development cycle. And, unlike many F2P MMOs, it boast a competent support staff than can help users with installation issues and other problems.

Here?s a teaser: Set in ancient China, Conquer Online features six martial arts based classes, player housing, player-to-player marriage and quests and monsters galore. If you have an iPad or can borrow one for a few hours, head to iTunes to download the free MMO game ? remember, it?s F2P and you don?t have to pay a dime to enjoy the story unless you want to give yourself a bit of an extra edge.

Oh, and your account syncs between the PC and iPad versions, meaning you can access your characters from anywhere in the world.

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