Core Blaze Spotlight

With its exposure at E3, one game managed to reemerge into the spotlight to “heat up” all MMO Fan’s anticipation for the future. That game, designed by RedGate Studio and published by Gamania, is Core Blaze. When looking at this game, how can one not be speechless over its stunning graphics, hardcore fighting experience, and unique dungeons.

The game’s theme is inspired from the eastern mythology and adopts the Unreal Engine 3 as the graphical basis, which leads to both magnificent scenes pleasing to the eye and smooth fast-paced martial arts action.

Core Blaze features a high degree of freedom in weapon selection, and players can choose different weapons at will right before assaults on a battlefield. Players can, for example, adopt an offensive strategy to equip the Sword & Shield today, switch to the Great Sword tomorrow and change to the Long Bow in group missions.

Player interaction and cooperation is an integral part of as well. Players will face environmental obstacles, dungeon puzzles, and special boss scenarios where cooperation is needed to overcome.

Unfortunately, no official release date has been confirmed yet for this awesome game. However, Gamania has hinted around that they are “hoping to release a beta beginning of next year (2013).” Overall, this is a game that everyone should get prepared for!

For more information check out their facebook page :

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