Could Defiance Finally Be On The Up?

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Trion Worlds failed to impress the world with their April launch of the cross-media MMO game, Defiance, but with July player numbers through the roof; could we finally be seeing the true potential of Defiance?

The news comes following the latest Most Played Games report from the hugely popular gaming community website, Raptr. The report states that Raptr community members have increased month-on-month playtime by more than 105% during July, beating the games highest population records at launch by an impressive 11%. Of course these numbers are only related to the Raptr community but a recent price drop and Steam sale are sure to give credit to these figures.

Defiance was the 17th Most Played PC Game on Raptr for July 2013, up an impressive 12 ranks from previous months.

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