Critical Hit – PC VS Console Communities

A debate with origins that spans across the decades, a debate almost as ancient as the continuous battle of good vs evil; PC vs console. Whether you enjoy slipping your discs into your console of choice or downloading your favorite free-to-play MMO titles on PC, there is no denying the flame fueled hate between the two biggest communities in gaming.

So what’s it all about? Why do we feel the need to mindlessly defend our platform of choice when in reality, they all offer something unique. PC gamers have the opportunity to spend endless amounts of money on upgrading their gaming rig, while getting access to 80% of titles available to their console counterparts. Plus they have the added benefits of the massive space that is the MMO genre, and all the goodies that come with it.

You can’t really mention this debate without the biggest drawback of PC gaming, hackers. Although they also rear their ugly troll-like faces in console titles too, there’s no denying they have a much heavier presence in PC titles.

Console gamers on the other hand may feel they cannot compete with graphics, but there’s no denying that many games are designed for consoles. Sports games, fighting titles and a variety of other genres are far easier with a control pad; and they don’t have to worry about their console not meeting the minimum requirements for a new game. However, control pad support for PC’s gets better every year; giving players the software to use a Playstation or Xbox pad within a matter of seconds.

I consider myself a PC man, I do dabble in consoles and have owned both an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3; but I just don’t feel the consoles have enough games in their arsenal to warrant them being my entertainment channel of choice. Combine that with the fact that PC games have a more integrated approach with their community and PC is where I call home.

Rivalry is part of being human. We’ve been lucky enough to be given free will but sadly we often use it to hate on other people; without any real reasoning to support it. So what has created this endless rivalry between console and PC players? Why does practically every multi-platform forum have constant stabs and troll attacks on members of the opposite community? Leave your thoughts below as I’d really like to see what others feel fuels this endless debate.

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