Crusaders of Solaria Enters Alpha Testing

Global games
publisher R2Games today announced the immediate alpha release for the
latest addition to their ever-expanding MMO arsenal, Crusaders of
Solaria. To celebrate the Alpha launch the developers have announced
an exciting number of launch events with a huge variety of in-game
rewards for players to enjoy.

R2Games have confirmed that following
the Alpha testing they will be wiping all character date prior to the
release of the closed beta client.
Set in an
exciting high-fantasy world, Crusaders of Solaria is an
action-packed, side-scrolling brawler that promises to deliver an
exciting combination of MMORPG features including extensive character
customization options with personalized pets and mercenaries that can
be strategically placed within your party to offer an impressive
variety of tactical opportunities in battle.

Crusaders of
Solaria also boasts a huge amount of exciting group content including
large-scale party dungeons, elite dungeons with powerful bosses, PvP
options in arena and proving grounds, crafting, and more.
For more
information, or to register for current and upcoming beta tests,
check out the official website.

Source: Official Website

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