Crush Online Enters Closed Beta Testing

GAMESinFLAMES today announced that the upcoming client-based MMORPG/MOBA hybrid, Crush Online, will soon be available to play in a Closed Beta capacity for the first time ever. The game hopes to innovate in areas that are otherwise stagnating in the RPG and MOBA genres, bridging the gap between the two with a variety of persistent online world features with the thrill and competitive nature of the MOBA genre.

Beginning tomorrow Wednesday, June 29th, players will be invited to experience the wonders of Crush Online for the first time. Players that previously registered their interest in participating in a Closed Beta test will be given priority when the invitations are sent out, although the team at GAMESinFLAMES have said that there is still plenty of room for those that have yet to sign up. Check out the official trailer for the new Closed Beta event below:

For more information on the game, or to register for the upcoming Closed Beta, check out the official website.

Source: Press Release

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