Dark Orbit

With simple graphics, but a vast world, Dark Orbit offers a great PvP experience like all BigPoint games. Dark Orbit is a free-to-play browser MMORPG in which the player takes control of a space ship and battle for supremacy and resources. At the start, Dark Orbit offers three powerful mining corporations the player can choose to be part of: Mars Mining Corporation, Earth Industries Corporation, and Venus Resources Unlimited. There are a total of 10 space ships, 4 kinds of lasers, 4 kinds of rockets and a handful of engine and shield types which the player can use to upgrade their battle craft.

The game provides a vast world and leaves the players to enjoy the open-PvP system, allowing them to join guilds and launch coordinated attacks against other clans. Dark Orbit doesn?t offer a big questing system which can make the game feel repetitive and somewhat boring after a few hours of gameplay.

To stir up the interest, BigPoint even offers a top prize of $10,000 to whomever succeeds in surviving a monthly special map. Everyone can join. The players need to collect as many ?jackpot points? as they can and at the end of the month the winning player receives the equivalent amount of dollars to the jackpot points he gathered.

Dark Orbit isn?t the best browser game, but it certainly is one of the better ones. Despite the lack of an in-depth questing system and the repetitive gameplay, Dark Orbit succeeds in stirring up the interest of its player-base with challenging PvP battles.

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