Daybreak Games To Highlight New EverQuest Expansion On Twitch

Holly Longdale recently took to the official EverQuest website to publish a new producer’s letter to announce an exciting expansion that the team have been working on for the last year – promising new high level content to players including updates 105 zones. The expansion will also feature a staggering 15 new raids, additional level-scaling missions, Heroic Adventures and new raid zones, providing plenty of challenging content for players of all levels.

To celebrate the announcement developers Daybreak Games will be taking to their official Twitch.TV channel tomorrow, October 1st, at 6PM Eastern or 3PM Pacific. During the stream the developers will discuss the current feature list of the new expansion, while also addressing questions and concerns expressed by the community.

Additionally the team also unveiled a sweet pre-order deal. If players pre-order or purchase the next expansion, they will get access to all previously released expansion conquest for EverQuest, quite the bargain. A full reveal of the expansion is scheduled for tomorrow, with more details on pre-orders and features revealed during the livestream.

Source: Official Website

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