DayZ Coming To The PlayStation 4

Long term followers of Dean Hall and the DayZ project will remember Hall’s vague comments about a potential release on consoles and today it was confirmed during the Sony PlayStation 4 event at Gamescom that the zombie survival MMO will indeed be making its mark with an upcoming PlayStation 4 release.

According to comments Dean Hall made during the show, support from Sony has allowed him and the team to install 64bit servers which will drastically improve the games performance on both the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms, although whether that improvement will be enough to fix the vast array of technical problems with the ARMA engine is yet to be seen. Oh wait, they made a new one didn’t they?

So, if you fancy playing a console port of a PC game that is largely unfinished, is infamous for the most ridiculous control scheme in history, was sold at a ridiculous price for content previously available in a free to download mod, and from a creator that has openly stated he will be leaving the project come years end, then sure thing – check out DayZ on PlayStation 4.

Did we mention that they didn’t show any PlayStation 4 footage whatsoever?

Source: Gamescom

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