DayZ Early Access Coming To Steam

Dean “Rocket” Hall of Bohemia Interactive
expressed his surprise at how quickly the internet discovers information
following the reveal of new DayZ Standalone information on SteamDB.

Currently DayZ is available as a free downloadable mod
for the popular Arma II war sim but the latest update to the documents behind
the scenes on Steam includes an entirely new entry for the DayZ Standalone game.

Sadly the information doesn’t include any release
dates for the actual game or head-start access but it does give creedance to
the rumors supporting an upcoming early access program via Steam.

The updated document states that DayZ will be
available for a single purchase price and will include early access. The
document was updated yesterday so it’s a pretty safe bet to assume this is all
related to the new version of DayZ.

Amazing how quickly the internet picks up on
things isn’t it,” Hall said. “All I can say is that progress has been
very good, we’re a mix of nervous and excited.

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