Dead Frontier

Welcome to the dead frontier. Caused by a pharmaceutical drug gone wrong, the world is left in a state of chaos with few survivors. It is now up to the players to work together or individually to survive the zombie apocalypse and preserve the human race.

Players customize their avatar through the selection of a profession (class) which can range from Police Officer (stat-boost class) to Scientist (production class) and so much more.  From there it will be up to the player to work alone or as a group to traverse Fairview City to complete a wide variety of missions. Besides a zombie outbreak, players must also contend with the clans that dominate the city — some out to help, others out to harm. Outposts are scattered throughout the city to act as safe houses to take a break or to do some business.

Dead Frontier is a free-to-play browser based MMORPG that features top-down gameplay with fully 3D graphics that serve to heighten the tension. Players can expect a steep learning curve and plenty of deaths to begin with, but experience gained from killing zombies levels up players quickly. Those willing to push through will find an extremely enjoyable survival experience that offers a nice change of pace from other MMO worlds.

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