Defiance Season 2 Promises Exciting New Content

Following the Syfy series of Defiance debut of Season 2, Trion Worlds today announced that players can expect an exciting variety of content to coincide with the show, including a brand new landmass alongside multiple new factions. The news comes following a new Producer’s Letter on the official Defiance forums including some adrenaline fueled events heading to Silicon Valley courtesy of Von Bach Industries.

The post also offers some rather bare details on other content coming with Season 2 including brand new gear, quests, vehicles and weaponry.

Now that the stage is set, our Season 2 storyline can begin in earnest.
We’ve got a lot of content coming out over the next three months: new
missions, new gear, a new vehicle, and a new landmass. The New Frontier
will never be the same!

Arguably the most exciting aspect of the letter is the information surrounding a brand new faction that will debut in Season 2, the Grid – a strange cult that has begun to lay foundations within the bay area.

Source: Press Release

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