Defiance Update Aftermath Now Available

Trion Worlds have released the highly anticipated Aftermath update for the cross-media science-fiction MMORPG, Defiance, introducing a wealth of new content that spans across both Silicon Valley and Paradise – following the events of Season 2. The world has once again been thrown into turmoil as The Pilgrims of the Guiding light plan their final move.

The Aftermath update promises a variety of exciting new content for Ark Hunters to enjoy including new missions, additional perks, a Thanksgiving event and new emotes. 7 new missions have been introduced including 3 new instanced missions that challenge players to defeat the villainous Melak Vor, the deadly assassin Nujekpe and the infamous machinations of LOCI. Echelon’s machinations also make an appearance following Season 2, providing new story maps with additional insight into the Defiance universe.

If you’re able to squeeze in some time between the rampant stampedes that are the Black Friday sales, Defiance has a limited time event that will see players facing off against the Bioman barrage of the New Frontier Harvest.

Finally players can also access Emotes and Callouts via a new option in the Quick Menu.

Source: Official Website

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