Destiny Servers Stable For Now – Community Complains Over Lack Of Content

Bungie’s highly anticipated Rise of Iron expansion for the critically acclaimed Destiny launched earlier today but it only took a few hours before some members of the community found themselves with little left to do outside the traditional gear grind. Rise of Iron was expected to launch early this morning, around 5am EST on September 20th, but didn’t actually go live for the majority of the community until a few hours after. Players reported huge problems with queuing, with some having to wait more than 15 minutes to get into the game.

The story content itself packs a punch and features a truly thrilling final boss battle but after just 2-3 hours the majority of the story content is done with, leaving side-quests and gear grind as the remaining activities. The latter is very similar to what was featured in The Taken King and previous DLC’s but using very similar mechanics makes them feel a bit stale.

The Taken King featured tons of side-quests and additional content but for now, before the raid releases, players get just a handful of side-quests and mission opportunities. It’s early days so there’s still a chance things will unlock alongside the raid but if you’ve yet to dive into the Rise of Iron, it’s probably safer to expect The Dark Below and House of Wolves than The Taken King.

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