Developers Highlight Big Changes For TERA Online In 2016

En Masse Entertainment today issued an update to the community over at TERA Online as the team highlight their plans for the year with the latest developer blog post including details on a number of exciting updates scheduled for 2016. The developer blog post highlights details on some of the more exciting elements coming to TERA Online throughout the year, check out some of the focal points below.


  • Large-scale battles as huge guilds fight for the right to rule over Velika
  • A heavy focus on guild content throughout 2016 with additional guild features such as brand new missions, skills and guild-wide benefits
  • Tons of exciting and challenging end-game content as massive BAM raids will support groups of up to 30 players as they tackle some of the games most difficult raids
  • The developers have been listening to the feedback from the community and will continue to do so throughout the year as they plan to make huge balance changes across the board of classes, starting first with the Sorcerer
  • Rewarding new content for highly skilled players that prefer fighting alongside allies with the new Castle of Lilith and Ruin of Rakelith dungeons
  • Overall improvements to current grouping mechanics and party features
  • An improved and more streamlined user-interface


For more information on what 2016 holds for TERA Online, check out the official announcement below.

Source: Official Website

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