Developers Of Tera Latest To Suffer From Unexpected Lay-Offs

What originally began as rumors circulating towards the end of last week has since been confirmed by MMORPG as developers of Tera, En Masse Entertainment, have confirmed a number of reductions to their staff working on their top titles.

Following the rumors the PR team at En Masse Entertainment sent out an official statement providing information on the latest lay-offs as well as their intentions to help those effected to find new work and new opportunities within the industry:

[quote cite=”En Masse Entertainment”]The gaming industry is a fast moving, ever evolving and changing business, which requires companies to occasionally reassess and realign to serve the needs of the business and its community. En Masse found itself in this situation, and staff reductions were part of the shift, in late March, to better position the company for the future. We’re deeply sad about having to let some of our staff go, and will do our best to help them move on. We will continue our presence as a Western publisher and support our games including TERA and the upcoming Battleplans, a unique RTS hybrid which will serve as the company’s first cross platform project. [/quote]

Source: MMORPG

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