Do You Enjoy Grinding?

Every MMO under the sun has some sort of grind. Whether it?s hunting down rare materials, killing the same group of bad guys over and over, or moving steadily toward your next level, ever MMO player has found themselves in that strange hazy are between work and play.

Some MMORPGs are lamented as being overwrought grind fests. Some are regarded as being too easy on their players. But every player is different, and when you sign into the latest action MMO or fantasy MMO, you may be looking for a different experience than your fellow players.

Grinding is a rite of passage in many games. High-level players have fond, if pained memories of the time they?ve spent trolling in the trenches. Many gamers consider completing a particularly long grind a badge of honor ? reputation grinds come to mind. Sometimes, the payoff for completing a grind is huge. Sometimes, it?s just a mild personal success.

So how do you feel about grinding in MMOs? Do you enjoy working towards a goal, or are time-sinks the worst type of play?

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