Do You Read Quest Text – MMOpinion

Being the good fans of MMOs that we are, we love to dig in to every little detail of the game.  And because of that, we read every single line, whether it come from a common peasant on the side of the road, or the ornate plated king in the largest castle.  Every line is better than the last, and we love digging deeper and deeper into the lore of the game!

I wish that were me. I really do.  But the fact of the matter is, it’s tough.  When I begin an MMO I do try to stay on top of all the quests and get a better understanding of the world around me, but eventually I start skimming over conversations, and eventually I don’t even look at them if it seems like a small enough quest.

How about you guys?  Are you diligent in your quest reading?  Do you taper off as the game progresses?  Do you blatantly skip through whole conversations just to get to the ‘good parts’?  Let us know!

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