Does Instant Travel Make Huge MMO World’s Unimportant – MMOpinion

“Oh you’d like to complete the turn in for this quest? ?You’ll have to travel way back yonder to the East, to a far away land and find a guard in a castle that no one ever goes to, down a hallway, that no one ever visits.”

Oh, fun! ?Time for me to go on a 2 hour?trek?to find this *($#(*^#$ NPC. ?But hey, that’s why I play an MMO right? ?To become entrenched in the world, to feel the burden of my weary traveling. ?But nowadays, if you want to finish a quest, just click on the old map and transport over there, not a big deal. ?How’s that fair? ?It took me 2 months to finish a quest in Everquest, now you can do it on your lunch break.

So what do you think. ?Does instant travel trivialize MMO worlds? ?Does it make the experience a little less satisfying?

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