Dragon Nest Europe Catching Up

As other versions of Dragon Nest continue to soar the skies Dragon Nest Europe has fallen behind after the developers failed to keep up with the international updates. The European version of the popular MMORPG game has fallen behind the international version by quite a distance, prompting many EU players to jump ship to the more advanced version of the game.

eFusion MMOG today announced that the Dragon Nest Europe client will finally stop playing catch up when the next update is released in December. Currently players are restricted to the maximum level of 40 whereas their more advanced brethren are enjoying content up to level 60. December will see Dragon Nest Europe completely skip the 40-50 update and go straight for the big time.

All 40-60 content will be included, such as the new branching class options at level 45 and an additional zone that promises to create an “eerie atmosphere”. Do you play either version of Dragon Nest? Are you bothered? Let us know below.

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