Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is a free action MMORPG that takes you to a land crawling with evil dragons, monsters, diabolical villains, magic powers and more! The dragons roaming the world of Lagendia are keeping you from finding the poisonous grail and saving the Goddess Altea. That’s where you and your character come in, to rise to the challenge and bring your hero on an epic adventure.

You’ll start off in Dragon Nest with five different classes to choose from, the Warrior, the Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, and the Tinkerer. Each of these classes have 2 sub-classes to further customize your character and playing experience.

What’s also cool about Dragon Nest is the range of equipment categories it offers. Normal equipment is colored white, while magic is green, rare equipment is colored blue, epic equipment is orange, and the mystical ancient equipment is purple. These equipment types allow you to further customize your character and collect rare and unique items as you come across them in the vast world of Lagendia.

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