Dragon Pals – Begins Alpha Testing

R2Games has just announced that their brand new adventure based MMORPG, Dragon Pals, will begin its alpha testing beginning today.  The title is a multi-faceted, adventure based MMORPG that combines multiple game genres to create a truly unique game.

In Dragon Pals players will journey through a vibrant world full of stirring quests, wicked monsters, and intriguing events.  The game features a charming graphical style along with a no-nonsense style of gameplay that gets more and more complex the further your character progresses in the game.  

Similar to other R2Games titles like Wartune, Yitien and Castlot, Dragon Pals will be free to play and played directly in your browser.  Dragon Pals has been highly successful in China and has amassed nearly 5 million players.  If you are interested in signing up for the English language alpha test, head on over to the Dragon Pals webpage.

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