Dragon Quest X Heading To PC In The East

Late last year Square Enix announced the Wii release of the first MMO in the fabled Dragon Quest franchise, Dragon Quest X. The game launched on August 2nd and met a very positive reception from the Eastern audience but a new announcement brings with it the possibility of a Western release. Over the weekend Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest X will be heading to PC on September 26th.

Square Enix also announced that the game will be available on Nintendo’s next-generation console, the Wii U last year . However, it’s unclear if they plan to stick with the previously released financial plan. In a rather bold move Square Enix revealed that players will be able to enjoy the game for free, but only for 2 hours a day. Should they wish to spend more time in Dragon Quest X they will need to subscribe at a cost of $13 per month, a rather hefty price by today’s standards.

There’s very little information available currently, unless you’re fluent in Japanese. However a little birdie recently told me that we can expect a possible English announcement trailer closer to Gamescom. Watch this space!

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