Dragon Soul Online – Defunct

Explore a mystical world ripe with Chinese mythology and danger at every turn. The Great Dynasty that had united the promised lands has fallen. In its place stand eight loosely organized kingdoms ready to do anything to ensure they stand victorious and crush all who oppose their king. As these kingdoms waste away in constant conflict, a greater threat looms on the horizon?The hordes of the steppe, sensing their moment has arrived, have gathered to put an end to the remnants of the dynasty that has forced them to the live under shadow for so long. In this world, strength alone is not enough to win the day.

Do you have the fabled Dragon Soul that will unite the eight kingdoms and prevent this world from falling into the abyss of the hordes? madness? Welcome to Dragon Soul. Choose your allegiance among the eight kingdoms and rally your friends and allies to your cause. Indulge in a deep pet system complete with vast customization of skills and strengths. Fight epic large scale empire versus empire pvp battles to earn glory for your nation. Prove your worth through politics and power, and rise to the position of emperor. Each nation?s emperor can forge their nation?s legacy through appointing nobility, forging alliances, and declaring war.

Dragon Soul Online never even made it past its open beta phase and has been shut down.

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