Dragon’s Call II – Inventory System Detailed

Gortz, developers of Dragon’s Call II, a side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG game, have just revealed some additional details about the games in-depth item system. The development team have been hard at work trying to perfect every element in Dragon’s Call II to provide players with a high-quality browser experience. One of their main goals was to deliver a unique equipment system that would offer players features never before seen in the free-to-play MMO world.

The equipment system in Dragon’s Call II allows players to wear 6 different types of equipment. These types include weapons, headgear, chest-plates, shoes, rings and pendants. Every individual item that belongs to the equipment system features entirely different attributes and rarity colors. Currently blue quality is considered the weaker items while yellow will be the strongest items, however these are not yet available in the game.

As with other MMO games the lesser quality items are obtained after defeating low-level bosses and minions. Some can also be purchased on the Black Market but these are on a random-quality cycle and will change every 6 hours. Despite being the lowest quality of item blue items still have potential as they can be merged together to create a purple piece of equipment, an item of higher quality.

The truly unique aspect of this equipment system is the refining feature. Many games allow players to enhance items and equipment but the majority hold some kind of limit. However, there are no limits in Dragon’s Call II and players can increase the power of items as much as they wish.

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