Dungeons and Dragons Online Vs. Lord of the Rings Online!

Two large MMOs in the gaming world for free to play gamers are currently Dungeon and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online; both by the company Turbine. However, which one is better? Both games have high player bases and unique features to each of them. Let?s take a closer look at both of them.

Lord of the Rings Online is a hit game off of the popular movie trilogy. With such high expectations from a game following one of the greatest trilogies of all time, the game is surely to have many features to keep players tied in, not so much thinking of the comparison between the movies and the MMO. Lord of the Rings Online has an epic story, and a well thought out back story to keep gamers entertained. The game offers four classes (hunter, captain, guardian, and rune-keeper) with premium classes available for purchase. There are three different memberships, each with different quest packs per membership. Lord of the Rings Online has medium exp gain, and a level 75 exp cap, sure to keep players gaming for a while. Unique features offered are player housing and titles for your character that you receive throughout the game by completing outside storyline achievements. However some cons to the game are its membership fees for players that want to pay, and its long, unbearable, slow 6.6 GB download. Lord of the Rings Online can also feel like you are playing a single player game at times, something you never really want in an MMO. Overall, Lord of the Rings Online is a very unique game and is worthy of following the great Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Dungeons and Dragons Online, another hit game by Turbine, is considered to be one of the top free to play MMOs right now. The game has a very large player base, and a great detailed character creation. With fast paced gameplay, Dungeons and Dragons Online never gets repetative, which is good for long night gamers. Another plus, it has a 2.8GB-3.8GB download, much smaller and faster than Lord of the Rings Online. Dungeons in the game can be taken solo or with a party of friends, another great feature if none of your friends are online and you want to take on a challenge alone. As with every MMO, there are always some negatives. Even with the detailed character creation, the progression of your character is very difficult, and Dungeons and Dragons Online has a very slow exp rate. The game also has some of the races and areas in the game cost. Such a shame considering the development of Dungeons and Dragons Online has been fantastic over the past year.

Let?s compare the two hot MMOs. Lord of the Rings Online offers more content than Dungeons and Dragons Online, but with a large slow download you are going to have to be waiting a while just to play the game. Dungeons and Dragons Online has a better character creation, but also has areas and classes that cost money, while in Lord of the Rings Online all memberships have unlimited areas, so money is optional, kind of a key for a free to play MMO. On this one, I am going to have to go with Lord of the Rings Online. As tempting as good character creation is, a lot of content is a gamer?s dream, and that?s what Lord of the Rings Online offers, without having to worry about memberships and getting all the best items. Lord of the Rings Online also has a slow large download, but if you just leave it downloading on your computer for the day, just go watch some TV or grab a bite to eat, the game will be ready to hit up later that night or the next morning. Definitely give both games a try and tell me if I am wrong, or you’re on the Lord of the Rings Online side.
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