Dust 514 Vehicle Play Detailed

Dust 514 is among the most anticipated new MMO games in recent memory. The FPS/MMO hybrid isn?t due until spring of 2012, but that hasn?t stopped developers from teasing fans. Dust 514 will have vehicles that ?play a large role? in battles. Vehicles range from cars to tanks and drop ships, as detailed in the PlayStation Blog.

Dust 514 is the MMOFPS and PlayStation companion to EVE Online, the popular space battle game for PC. The vehicles in Dust 514 are customizable in weaponry and abilities using the EVE Online weapon classes. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Dust 514 is the way in which it interacts with the existing EVE Online universe ? players of the popular space MMO will be able to command those in Dust to take over valuable resources, negotiate on behalf of corporations and a number of other cool functions. Essentially, the games are designed as two halves to one impressively large whole.

Dust 514 is still a ways off from release, but PS3 owners across the globe are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to jump into CPP?s new world MMO. It could be a disaster, but it could also be an incredible success.


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