E3 2012 Live Feed

Day 1

11:00am -One hour to go until E3! Follow @mmoattack and @jessbrohard on Twitter for the latest updates from the showroom floor at E3 2012 in LA!

11:38am – Checked in to the hotel room, now let’s go get our badges!

12:15am -Very cool billboard across from the convention center. The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online billboard

12:40pm – Badges?!?

E3 2012 Media Badge

1:13pm – Somebody recognized Kirk from CircleKirk! Great now he thinks he’s Internet famous.

2:00pm – Sitting in on @Gaikai_Inc presentation. Cloud gaming is the future! #E32012 #E3

Gaikai Presentation

2:45 -Saw the Lollipop Chainsaw school bus. Now we gotta find Jessica Nigri and see if she has seen Kirks show!

4:00pm – Next stop on the MMO ATK tour at E3 is @BrickForce #E3 #E32012

Brick-Force MMO

4:45pm – Jess in front of the Borderlands 2 exhibit!

E3 2012 Borderlands 2 statues with jess brohard

5:15pm – Can’t figure out who this is, but she seems pretty popular.


5:30pm – Another awesome exhibit for End of Nations.

E3 2012 End of Nations Showcase

6:00pm – Just a few of the cool people we met!

E3 2012 Jessica Brohard with TradeChat  Panser

E3 2012 Jessica Brohard with StarSlay3r Ciji Thornton

8:30pm – Quick video from the GREE after party featuring Girl Talk!

E3 2012 | GREE after party with Girl Talk

10:00pm – Next stop the Machinima party across the street featuring Hawken.

E3 2012 Machinima after party with Hawken

I think Kirk will be here for a while.

E3 2012 Hawken

Day 2

9:30am – Good Morning LA! Ready for another exciting day at E3, what do we need to check out today?

10:12am – What’s in store for day 2?

E3 2012

10:40am – Definitely going to need some @NOS_Gaming energy drink to make it through the day!

11:15am – Here’s a few pics from the after parties last night while we’re in line.

E3 2012 Jessica Brohard getting interviewed

E3 2012 GREE after party at Club Nokia Girl Party

iJustine with Jessica Brohard and Kirk Wallace E3 2012
Last one is kind of dark and blurry, but that’s the infamous iJustine with Kirk and Jess. Jess knows people!

12:15pm – Gamers gotta eat! Even if a slice costs $5.

Jess Brohard eating pizza at E3 2012

Kirk Wallace eating pizza at E3 2012

1:00pm – Had a great one on one interview with Frogster, the makers of Runes of Magic! Jess was so impressed she wants to install and play it on the train ride home. The new expansion for this Free to play MMORPG comes out June 6th!

2:00pm – Random photo time once again.

E3 2012 Aliens prop from 1986 movie
This is apparently one of the original Alien props used for the movie in 1986.

3:00pm – Of course someone else recognizes Jess and wants to interview our gaming queen!

Another interview with Jessica Brohard at E3 2012

3:30pm – Now that’s quite a large television at the Activision booth. Showing off the latest iteration of Call of Duty.

E3 2012 | Activision's Huge Screen

4:30pm – Jess could not get enough of this picture here.  It’s the shopkeeper from Dota 2.

E3 2012 Dota 2 shopkeeper picture

7:30pm – All aboard the Minecraft LAN party of awesomeness.  Thanks Amtrak for the free Wi-Fi!

Minecraft LAN party




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