Eclipse War Online Open Beta Begins

PlayWith Interactive today announced the beginning of the highly anticipated Open Beta event for the card collecting, monster transformation MMORPG Eclipse War Online. Following a very successful Closed Beta period Eclipse War Online attracted thousands of players with its unique blend of Pokemon-esque card collecting and the ability to transform into practically any foe you encounter.

The official website has been updated with new information surrounding the Open Beta. With the exception of the discovery of game-breaking bugs or economy busting exploits, the developers do not plan to release any further character wipes before official release.

The game recently enjoyed a number of large-scale updates introducing a new MOBA type PvP mode that sees 3-lane PvP meet the depth and progression of the RPG genre.

For more information, or to participate in the Open Beta event, visit the PlayRohan portal.

Source: MMOSite

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