Elder Scrolls Online – ZeniMax’s AMA

We here at MMO ATK recently had the incredible opportunity to sit down and play through some earlier portions of The Elder Scrolls Online, which you can read all about here. The demo revealed a lot of important details about the game (currently in alpha) and the unique approach it is taking to redefine the MMO genre.

While we did our best to answer any potential questions that you, the fans, may have about the game, we realize that it would have been impossible for us to cover everything.

Enter ZeniMax Studios.

The developer has revealed that starting this week, they will be hosting a bi-weekly ESO Q&A session where they will answer the lingering questions that the community may have. Did we miss something in our coverage? Did our answers unravel new mysteries? Send in your inquiries to have them answered by those who know the game best.

ZeniMax says they plan to theme each Q&A in order to keep the events focused and to prevent an over-abundance of questions pertaining to information they?re not yet ready to reveal. If your particular question doesn’t pertain to the topic, hold on to it. Odds are, they’ll cover it eventually. For now, they request that you remain patient and stick only to the current topic.

For the first Ask Us Anything event, ZeniMax will be tackling the Ebonheart Pact. If you have any questions regarding this particular alliance, feel free to hit them up via their Facebook page or by email (community@elderscrollsonline.com) and they?ll do their best to respond.

Be sure to keep up with ElderScrollsOnline.com and MMO ATK for continued ESO coverage and Ask Us Anything updates.

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