Elite: Dangerous : Powerplay Beta Announced

Frontier Developments today issued an exciting newsletter to the community of Elite: Dangerous, highlighting the plethora of exciting new content and changes to mechanics with the upcoming beta release of the update titled Powerplay. The developers announced that players will have their first opportunity to sink their teeth into the impressive array of new content in the Powerplay update once the beta testing period begins on May 20th.

Elite: Dangerous players will soon have the chance to pledge their allegiance and align themselves with one of 3 intergalactic super powers, each battling for control and supremacy of their respective space. Once aligned players will gain access to group goals, shared reputation and other opportunities aimed at improve group gameplay and communication.

Despite the confrontational nature of the 3 alliances, the organizations in power will offer players a different style of participation – which is entirely optional. Whether you pledge your allegiance to the more passive powers at be or those that vow to rule with an iron fist, you and you along will shape your futures path through the world of Elite: Dangerous.

Source: Newsletter

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