Elsword – Raven’s "Rage" Mode has been introduced

Kill3rCombo has revealed a series of new abilities for one of the most popular characters, Raven, in the free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG, Elsword. Raven’s “Rage” mode gives players a variety of new ways to defeat enemies in both co-op dungeon runs and the game’s numerous PvP modes.

Raven, a former villain turned hero, returns to the limelight gaining a new “Rage” mode. By building up his strength, he can summon a twisted robotic Nasod core that guards and fights for him. When Raven assumes a defensive pose, the Nasod core curls its tendrils around him forming a threatening barbed shield. As Raven unleashes any of his numerous attacks, the core morphs into a wicked spine that impales enemies from a distance. With each successive attack Raven lands on his foes, the core slowly grows, absorbing their energy. When the core disappears, Raven gains back power equal to its final size, making him even more of a force to be reckoned with.”

Elsword is also beginning their pre-Thanksgiving fesitivies today. There will be Thanksgiving tables in each of the towns within the seven worlds of the game. As players grab treats during the dungeon runs, the tables will fill with a banquet which will then, in turn, unlock greater bonuses depending on how full the table gets. This event will be running from Nov. 21st – Nov. 27th. 

[Elsword Official] Raven's Rage Trailer

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