Epic Games to Show Off Unreal Engine 4 at GDC Behind Closed Doors

GDC, otherwise known as the Game Developers Conference, is a big event for developers and gamers alike.  Lacking the flair of E3, GDC is where we see a lot of technology being shown, and this year will be the biggest since iD showed Their iD Tech 5 engine that powered 2011’s Rage.

Unreal Engine 4, the successor to the universally beloved Unreal Engine 3 that has powered games of many genres, including MMOs TERA, Global Agenda, DUST 514, and Tribes Ascend. will be unveiled to “select licensees, partners and prospective customers” behind closed doors at the event, with demonstrations being done by appointment.  This secrecy is covering what Epic has called the next evolution in computer graphics and that we will be “shocked” by what we see.

Unreal Engine 4 is being designed for “next generation hardware” so don’t expect to see this running on a 360 or PS3, but the PC, Xbox 3 and PlayStation 4 are liely candidates for this software powerhouse.


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