Eternal Blade: final class line-up has been introduced

Eternal Blade,?free to play action MMORPG, has just announced the last two characters of the class line-up. From the arrogant Soul Summoner to the reckless Berserker, each and everyone has their own personality and way to go about doing things. Each class has escaped the fairytale world and have made their way onto Facebook.

Here is a description of the classes for you to see that have been described on each of their Facebook pages:

The Soul Summoner: ?We Soul Summoners have more power than you imagine, so don’t mess with us! We summon souls through our dark magic, turning them directly against our enemies or absorbing them to fuel devastating spells. Don’t you wish you were a Soul Summoner?

The Knight: ?Knights are the only class with a shield to block enemy attacks, and that’s why we’re the best! We have the courage to charge into the heart of battle but the good sense to bring some defense along. Who wouldn’t want to be a Knight?

The Mage: ?Getting in touch with the elements, and then using them to destroy enemies – now that’s the way to live! Mages like me are masters of the arcane arts who have learned how to channel fire, ice, earth, and thunder. How would you like to taste the power of a Mage?

The Archer: ?When you’re an Archer, you never let your foes get close! We know how to position ourselves in battle to gain environmental buffs and we can pin bad guys to the ground with long range traps. Why risk your neck when you can use your brains like an Archer?

The Thief: ?You might think being a Thief is just about being sneaky, but you?re wrong! We know hundreds of ways to stun, confuse, silence, paralyze, and disable our enemies for the killing strike. Is there anyone you?d be more afraid of fighting than a Thief?

The Berserker: ?Berserkers live by a simple code: when we see an enemy, we charge it head on! With each attack from our mighty Great Swords, we become further fueled by the very rage that drives us. Think you got what it takes to be a Berserker?

Eternal Blade releases information every week during its “Fairy-Tale Friday” event. If you want more information, follow their Facebook page: check out the character pages to get more information on the characters as well.

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